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Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis - Humiliation

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system damages the thyroid cells, resulting in less thyroid hormone production. The resulting hypothyroidism causes symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, sleep disturbances, and GI tract symptoms. This condition is more common in women.


  • Feeling stifled by humiliation

  • Feeling disempowered and giving up

  • Past injustice that made you feel hopeless and depleted

  • Feeling like you cannot get what you want

Supportive Affirmations:

“I create my life with authority. I remember my worth and draw joy form being myself. I invite zest and fulfillment into my life.”

How can you find your own worth?

Your self-esteem is an end result of how you allowed others to treat you in the past.

You believe you are worthy of (or deserving of) being treated a certain way because of repeated exposure to such behavior. This belief can be generational, and more often than not you adopt the esteem system of your parents through observation.

If you let others define your worth, you will forever feel undervalued and cheaply sold. Dissatisfied. Bitter. If your worth was coming from the emotional state of disempowerment, it is most likely now close to zero.

Your self-worth will start to grow as you heal from hopelessness, remembering your true nature.

It might seem difficult to believe that you are worth more than your abusers price-tagged you. After all, most of your life you have been proven over and over again that you deserve to be treated a certain way.

  • But what would’ve happened if today you said enough?

  • What if you no longer tolerated certain behaviors towards you?

  • What if you were able to let go of the negative associations with self-worth?

  • What if you could redefine your place and purpose in this world?

  • How would your life be different if you were reconnected with a sense of personal power, clarity, and drive?

You are only one decision away from a better life!

Oils, Herbs, and Crystals that can help:

  • Injustice: Cilantro; Rose Quartz

  • Feeling stuck: Litsea; Blue Topaz

  • Withholding your voice: Spearmint; Sodalite

Other things that can help:

Read about my journey with Hashimoto's here.

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