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Prenatal Healing

heal the very beginning
of your Life on Earth

Your first life-shaping experiences happened before you were born.

The stress of your parents, even before you were conceived, greatly influenced who you are today.

The emotional atmosphere at the time of your conception set the tone for the quality of your life,

and your later development in your mother's womb solidified foundational elements for your human experience.


The associations and beliefs formed during prenatal stages circle around safety, nurturing, and boundaries.

Your relationship to Life Force, to your Heart's mission, and to your Purpose were coded during prenatal stages.


Healing the time your unborn self endured in your mother's womb restores your ability to receive, to set healthy boundaries, to connect to your psychic abilities, and releases you from the intergenerational trauma you inherited from your parents and their ancestors. 

Potent, yet gentle...

prenatal healing is precise,
deep, and life-changing

During this 2 hour process I address:

-your father's stress (the sperm),

-your mother's stress (the egg),

-the conception and zygote's formation, implantation, and development,

-several key developmental stages,

-the amniotic fluid, placenta, and umbilical cord,

-identity overlap with mother,

-birth trauma,

-and more.

You can expect gentle yet deep changes in your life within 7 to 21 days of the session.

Most clients report feelings of peace and freedom right after the session, a stronger connection to intuition, and a more grounded sense of Self. Physical changes vary per person and can include improved digestion, improved skin clarity, decreased feelings of anxiety and depression, balanced appetite, easing of body aches, and more*.

One 2-hour Prenatal Healing Session

One 2-hour Prenatal Healing Session

One 1-hour Intuitive Body Attunement ($50 off)

This session is designed for persons of all genders.

Questions? Email me at and mention this service in the subject line.

*Although these results are common, they cannot be guaranteed. Session results depend on many factors many of which are solely in your control. Taking active responsibility for your wellbeing greatly increases the likelihood of any healing modality to positively support shifts in your life. Healing sessions are not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care.
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