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Your Self Healing Toolbox | Key Elements

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Key on a blank journal page, Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash
Journaling can be a key tool in your self healing toolbox.

The first and most important piece of information you need to understand, at least intellectually, in order to even begin self healing is this:

Healing comes from within. Outside resources can facilitate your own healing, but nothing outside of yourself will ever do the healing for you.

You have to do the internal work in order to experience lasting results. Otherwise, you will constantly try to improve your current state, losing the effects over time.

During my own healing journey (yes, I am still on it) I gathered a few no-fail tools that either help, speed up, facilitate, or solidify the healing you are doing on yourself. Below is a list of my favorites, and a short description explains why they are my must-haves. A longer, more detailed article on each tool will be available on my blog soon.

  1. Journaling - this is one of my favorite self discovery tools. Journal prompts, paired with curiosity and honesty, can bring to the light of your consciousness things, people, events, and emotions you forgot, disowned, rejected, suppressed, pushed away, and identified as "not you".

  2. Asking your body - this tool is available at any place, and at any moment. When you are not sure what to do, what decision to make, and how you really feel about something, ask your body! The body knows, and translates for you messages that are otherwise not recognized by your current state of consciousness. Simple use of this tool would be asking your body what you should eat for lunch, meal A or B. Think about and imagine eating each meal and feel how your body is feeling: nourished, fresh, energetic, expansive, happy or slow, sleepy, sluggish, tired and uncomfortably full? Go with the option that made your body feel better and see for yourself if you were right.

  3. Restating your questions - Your questions contain your answers. A simple play of words can reveal a more powerful question leading to solutions, not blame. Why I am so tired? can be restated to What can I do now to feel more energised? Another good example is going form How did I deserve this illness? to How my actions allowed for the current state I am in? or better yet Where do I need to pick up responsibility in order to change my current condition?

  4. Curiosity - approaching your illness and healing with a healthy sense of curiosity, and even childlike play, can move you further in your healing journey in the matter of moments. Instead of coming in with the mindset of "I know, therefore I have nothing new to learn" try opening up more by embodying the following sentence: "There is always more I can learn and I will stay open to new explanations, solutions and possibilities". Become a terser, an experimenter. For example, instead of shunning energy healing, try it on yourself. Note how you felt before and after the session. Could that be enough evidence for you in order to do it again? Why or why not?

  5. Honesty - do not try to soften your answers when you jurnal, when you debate yourself and when your body/intuition speaks to you. By lying to yourself you abandon yourself, and that never ever will bring you closer to health.

  6. Understanding and forgiveness - most of my most profound lessons where born out of turmoil. Understanding what happened, why it happened and how it contributed to my growth was the key to forgiving myself and those, who were involved in the situation. It takes time to be ready to forgive, but you can speed up the process by trying to understand first.

  7. When everything else fails - go to sleep! - there is something magical about the next day. When you sleep on a problem, morning will bring new solutions and ideas. Withdrawing yourself from a problem for a night will create a necessary distance between your pain and the cause of it, allowing for new understanding and attitude to birth new ways of tackling the situation at hand.

Let me know in the comments below what self healing tool you like to use most often and why. I would love to hear your feedback!

If you are ready to expand your holistic healing toolbox and dive deep into your own healing abilities, check out my newest Rapid Healing Mentorship Program designed to take you on a journey to intuitive healing and transformational breakthroughs!

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