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How to approach illness and healing with curiosity?

Test and experiment with healing modalities with a healthy dose of non-attachment for better results.

Approaching your illness and healing with a healthy sense of curiosity, and even childlike play, can move you further on your healing journey in the matter of moments.

When you remove your attachment to your persona; your likes and dislikes, your beliefs about healing and mind-body modalities, you open new doors and avenues of healing and you allow yourself to ease the rigidity of your preconceived notion of how healing should look like.

Instead of coming in with the mindset of "I know, therefore I have nothing new to learn" you will open up more by embodying the following sentence: "There is always more I can learn and I will stay open to new explanations, solutions and possibilities".

When I was first diagnosed with thyroid disease, I did not know (back then) the effects of diet and lifestyle on this condition, I was prescribed a dose of hormones and I have been told by my doctor that I shouldn’t worry, I will just need to be tested once a quarter to adjust the dose of my meds for the rest of my life.

Something in me did not want to accept this sentence. I know that you felt the same when you were diagnosed with your condition. You heard the same voice in your head asking you “is that it?”. What did you do then? Google? Support forums? Second opinion?

How rigid and limited have you felt when you first have been told that your options are sparse and that management is the only option?

Do you rely on studies and opinions of others, or do you base you healthcare on your own intuition and experience? Or maybe both?

Is your healthcare based on fear of doing something wrong and causing more damage? Is your self care regimen based on maintaining the status quo? Are you taking any risks on your healing journey? Are you allowing yourself to get lost sometimes?

How attached are you to the outcomes of your healing modalities? Your diet, supplementation, medicine use? How much of your healing depends on the doctor and your lab tests, and how much of your healing depends on your acceptance of your situation and willingness to learn from it?

I invite you to become a terser, an experimenter. For example, instead of denying energy healing, give it a try, just once. Note how you felt before and after the session. Could that be enough evidence for you in order to do it again? Why or why not?

If you feel uneasy about changing your regimen, diet and routine, your current healing protocol, or about introducing new modalities, ask yourself this first:

What would be the worst thing that could happen to you if you tried something you consider "unorthodox"? What would you have to do that you don't want to do in order to experience expansion in your mindset around your illness?

How can you open yourself up to being more curious about your particular condition and its message for you? If this ailment could have a voice, what would it say? What would be its message for you?

What answers come up for you?

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