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Energy has no choice but to follow your intention.

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Energy has no choice but to follow your command!

Did you know that your beliefs, values, and needs are all commands for energy to follow?

Those beliefs and values that are keeping you stuck might have been formed in your early childhood to keep you feeling safe or they have been passed down to you form your parents, religion, the society you grew up in.

They are codes for your safe existence here on earth.

And they have been formed in times of emotional stress when no other resolution was available to you at the time, but to form these beliefs.

They are not logical, but they are very effective in making you FEEL safe.

These subconscious codes are what keeps you stuck!

And at the root of these codes is the emotional trauma that you survived, but didn't complete.

A bypass solution in the form of a belief was formed, and you held onto it for future survival.

The formation of that limiting belief (now a problem) was the solution you came up with at the moment of unresolved stress.

It is time to rewrite the code!

Because now, as an adult, you want to create a life that is actually worth living and some of those subconscious beliefs are stifling your growth.

They are making you feel uncomfortable.

Your focused intention is what brings resolution to the root of your problem.

When you focus your intention to feel and localize uncomfortable emotions at the root of a limiting belief, the energy follows your command!

When you hold a focused intention to identify the unmet needs at the root of a belief, you can bring just that resource to the part of you feeling unsafe without the problem you are trying to let go of.

When you hold the highest intention for you to heal the root of the issue (negative emotions) instead of managing the symptoms of an issue (money problems, physical ailments, relationship issues, etc.), the energy follows your command!

Know where to focus your intention.

Emotions are felt in the body.

Your body will show you where these negative emotions anchoring a limiting belief exist in your body.

Once you reconnect your body (the nervous system and the cells and tissues in your body) with the positive resource it needs to feel safe without a problem, instant healing can occur.

You will no longer have to hold onto negative emotions, beliefs, and values for a sense of safety.

You do that by focusing on solutions instead of problems.

So your life can harmonize effortlessly.

You have to feel it to heal it.

Work with your body instead of pushing through and strategizing a way out.

Focus your intention to feel the root emotions, to validate them, and to bring resolution to them that is in harmony with the life you want to create.

Energy has no choice but to follow your intention.

Experience a simple yet powerful healing with me during Intuitive Body Attunement. This session is designed to find and resolve the psychosomatic root causes of your symptoms and problems, allowing you to heal in harmony with your biology, supporting your Soul's Purpose.

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