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Your body wants you to be safe!

Did you know that diseases used to be considered punishments; a form of penalty for unwanted behavior or "sinful" thoughts?

As medical science started developing, the fault for creating diseases was transferred to viruses, bacteria, and even genes!

Thankfully scientific discovery is an ongoing process and scientists started noticing that it is our REACTION to the environment that actually allows diseases to develop.

It has been noticed that not everyone exposed to the same environment will get sick.

  • Not everyone exposed to a virus will get a cold.

  • Not every smoker will develop lung cancer.

So what causes these variations?

Our resilience to stress.

According to epigenetics, psychosomatics, and my theory of holistic healing, illness, symptoms, and ailments appear when a person is exposed to TRAUMA: an emotional conflict without resolution. How we deal with that trauma dictates our resilience to stress. Such conflicts (traumas) are:

  • making the person feel unsafe and resourceful like there is "no way out"

  • activating a survival mechanism (overactive instincts)

  • making the person feel out of control, helpless, and powerless

  • experienced in the body, in the nervous system, and in the psyche

The survival mechanism going "online" to save a person from trauma is a temporary solution to this situation. An instinct is activated and locked in with an uncomfortable "rescuing" emotion felt at the moment of stress. Most of these survival mechanisms are created in early childhood but also during womb developmental stages, and can also be passed down to us from our parents and ancestors via inherited DNA. Examples:

  • An overbearing parent makes a child feel manipulated and out of control, so the child throws a fit: "When I feel out of control, I feel a need to fight and I get angry"

  • A caretaker takes a baby's pacifier away and hides it. Baby feels powerless to this authority figure (an adult) and turns away from the caretaker, crying. The caretaker starts to soothe the baby with words and caressing: "When I feel powerless I feel a need to hide and I get sad"

  • A single mother working two jobs comes back home tired and frustrated, noticing that her kid did not clean his room. She starts yelling at him and telling him she is disappointed at him. The kid just stands there, staring at the floor: "When I feel helpless, I freeze and feel humiliated"

This is all about PERCEIVED safety, not logical safety, in the face of stress, threat, or danger.

  • Anger is better than feeling out of control because anger stands up for us and sets boundaries.

  • Sadness is better than feeling powerlessness because sadness gets us compassion.

  • Humiliation is better than feeling helpless because humiliation confirms to our abusers that we somehow "got he lesson".

Because these survival mechanisms (instincts) worked in the past and got a person to perceived safety, they get "wired" and stay active in our Being for "future use". But because they're not aligned with our true essence (Soul, Highest Self, our purpose) they cause biological imbalances, and later on, symptoms and diseases. It is not that our biology is inefficient, but because we HOLD ONTO those survival mechanisms for safety, that symptoms exist, and they include:

  • body ailments and illness

  • limiting beliefs

  • outdated values

  • priorities incongruent with our soul's development

  • manifestation blocks

It is important to note that we share similar biological makeup, and certain conflicts show up in certain body tissues universally in all humans. The good news is that you can get to the root of your ailment by following the emotional trail back to the original anchor, or survival mechanism, resolving it there, instead of constantly fighting with symptoms. In my practice, I facilitate a safe container for my clients to get to the root and bring resolution to that anchor, allowing the body to release problematic physical symptoms easier, allowing it to respond to treatment quicker, oftentimes dissolving the problem spontaneously, without outside intervention.

What pesky problem keeps bothering you and you feel it is time to get to the root of that issue? Have you explored how this problem could be keeping you safe?

What could be the benefit of keeping that problem in your life?

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