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The Highest Law - Technique

The Highest Law Technique quickly became one of the most versatile tools I use today on myself and with my clients. I wanted to increase the effectiveness of other metaphysical modalities I was using, to speed up the change process of my clients, and to support myself as a facilitator, guide, and coach.

With THL I noticed that my healing intention became more impactful. Sessions shorten as hidden benefits of problems are resolved in minutes. This modality precisely targets any resistance to healing, improvement, and personal evolution. It quickly proved to be my go-to for difficult cases, stuck situations, and painful ailments.

Here are my top 9 reasons why I recommend using THL:

1. There’s no need to memorize any lengthy protocols, charts, maps, or diagrams. The technique is intuitive and main principles can be applied to almost any obstacle or resistance that arises during the process. Most issues can start resolving after just one session.

2. Even though the technique works with ideas of Souls, karma, multidimensionality, Source, and other spiritual concepts the results are practical and meaningful for the 3D human experience. The metaphors used during the session are easily understood by people of different backgrounds.

3. It allows you to know that everything in your life is here to serve you thus taking you away from feeling victimized by life, fate, or others. It shows you where you have been the source of your own problems so that you can take ownership of it and change it without shame or guilt.

4. It dissolves illusions of powerlessness and instills a deep sense of gratitude and peace in you. You start to see others as capable and you no longer need you to rescue them. Your ability to see and sense Truth continues to increase long after the session is over.

5. It restores your agency and equips you with the resources needed to start making better decisions. Responsibility-taking becomes an act of freedom. You no longer feel overwhelmed by life circumstances.

6. THL beautifully supports other healing modalities, providing a deeper understanding of the teaching behind problems and obstacles. You start to see the intelligent design behind what you used to call “chance”. You regain control over your outlook on life.

7. This technique’s ultimate goal is to remind you of your connection to Source. You start to remember why you exist and what is your purpose. You stop fooling yourself. You no longer see yourself as your greatest enemy.

8. This process widens your awareness, allowing you to notice solutions that were hidden from you before. Situations that seemed unsolvable soften and mold according to your desire. Your lifestyle starts to reflect your connection to Soul and Source. Your relationship to Truth deepens, you no longer tolerate half measures, you become audacious.

9. It leaves you feeling connected to yourself in a way that feels supportive, guiding, and light-hearted. You stop feeling all alone and become curious and open to life. You start enjoying the adventure of living as a Human on Planet Earth, here and now.

The Highest Law Technique is the main ingredient of my Soul Leadership sessions, carefully designed to assist you in taking full ownership of your life and creating change consciously.

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