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Womb trauma and baby's health.

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Womb trauma and baby's developmental stress is later expressed in life as beliefs, associations and even physical ailments.

I received a lot of questions about womb trauma and womb healing in the past few weeks.

By answering these questions on Mother's day I intend to ease the stress and the burden of moms who believe their pregnancy negatively influenced their children. There is always time to heal, and there are always ways to heal that past stress.

Stay open to the possibilities!

Womb stress and trauma are experienced by the fetus, but because the limbic system did not develop yet, it cannot be translated by the baby into emotions.

Most of the stress experienced by mom during the conception, pregnancy, and the delivery feels to the fetus like a threat to its immediate safety.

Most of the associations and beliefs formed during developmental stages circle around the need for safety, the need to be nurtured, and the first understanding of boundaries.

During the womb healing I explore:

-The amniotic fluid tells us about our first irritations and disruptions in safety. -The proteins in the placenta lining and the stress that's stored there can tell us a lot about our associations with being nurtured, with trust and boundaries as well. -The umbilical cord also represents our associations with being nurtured as well as our associations and beliefs about our ability to receive from the Life Force. We also feel our first rejection through the umbilical cord. -The circumstances and emotions that both parents felt during conception play a huge role in the overall health of the baby. Hostility and powerlessness are the major negative emotions we can feel if the conception happened during a stressful situation.

In addition to the above, it can be beneficial to explore other stresses during womb healing, such as:

-How did the mother feel when the sperm entered the egg? This can show up later in our life as invasion trauma, predispositions for sexual abuse, and our beliefs about our own sexuality. -How the egg felt during implantation and if it was rejected by the mom's body.

Other important points are:

-father's stress when sperm started forming first,

-grandmother's stress during your mother's time in the womb (the egg from which you cam was already formed then),

-your first cell division,

-the travel from the fallopian tube to the uterus,

-the time when the fetus was turning before the delivery time,

-the whole delivery process,

-and the time your umbilical cord was cut.

We can also explore what happened to the placenta after the delivery as your cells were still connected with the placenta on the emotional/energetic level, even though physically it has been separated from you.

All the above points can be healed during a Prenatal Healing Session,

leaving the mom and the fetus/baby feeling calm, light and neutral.

I invite you today to talk to your mom and explore if any significant trauma or stress happened to her while she was pregnant with you.

-How did she feel? -Is there a history of falling or physical trauma? -How was the relationship between your mom and your dad when you were a fetus? -Were you planned? -Did mom get sick while she was pregnant?

What correlation do you see between your mom's pregnancy stress and your life now?

Happy Mother's Day!

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