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The bond between your mother and you is cellular!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The bond between a mother and her child is so strong, that it lasts even when they are physically separated. Yes, the emotional bond between them is very strong, but did you know that there is another layer to your connection to your mother?

The bond between your mother and you is cellular!

This connection begins at conception, with the mitochondria. The mitochondria (also called the powerhouse of each animal cell), are inherited only from the mother’s egg. Your mother inherited her mitochondria from her mother, your grandma.

Each person inherits thousands of generations of mitochondrial DNA through his or her mother’s lineage. The science of epigenetics suggests that social and emotional events can be chemically programmed into non-DNA substances, which in turn influence DNA activity.

These events are passed down intergenerationally.

Why is this important to know in the context of holistic, multidimensional, psychospiritual healing? Because it is imperative to acknowledge that the psychosomatic stress at the root of your problems and ailments didn't necessarily start with you. In other words, you inherit family lineage trauma and express it in your life, and if unresolved, you pass it down to your children. Why am I putting more focus on maternal cells and DNA? Because those cells are being programmed by the stress response of at least 2 generations before you are even conceived! Your grandmother's stress programs your mother's cells, and then your mother carries those cells in her throughout her life, until you are conceived. Are you starting to see now how family history becomes your biology? How financial stress, social issues, and health challenges your ancestors faced influence your biological and subtle makeup? And most importantly, how you can heal generations that came before you when you heal yourself?

This is fantastic news!

This means that not only you inherited unresolved stress form past generations, you also inherited their resilience and success blueprints! We are so incredibly interconnected, it is time to start including generational healing awareness in our own healing journeys. If you are interested in this topic and would like to address the womb stress you (as a fetus) endured during your mom's pregnancy, I am inviting you to book a session with me to experience this level of healing in your own life! My calendar is open. Contact me for more details.

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