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Insulin Resistance - Resisting the sweetness of Life

Insulin resistance is when cells in your muscles, fat, and liver don't respond well to insulin and can't use glucose from your blood for energy. To make up for it, your pancreas makes more insulin. Over time, your blood sugar levels go up.

Insulin resistance is a SYMPTOM of an unbalanced lifestyle.

The key modifiable lifestyle factors promoting insulin resistance are:

  1. exposure to artificial blue light

  2. poor sleep

  3. EMF exposure

  4. tampering with body's hunger/fulness signals (dieting for weight loss and eating when not hungry)

  5. diet relying mostly on simple carbohydrates, devoid of minerals

  6. chronic mental and emotional stress (start your healing here)

To understand this condition better, we have to examine WHY we are living the way we are living.

Simply said, we are more and more away forming the red light of the sun, locked up in buildings full of artificial blue light, wi-fi signals, and electronic devices, we work long hours at jobs we do not enjoy, we feel emotionally isolated from or family and the rest of our community, and to compensate for all of that (and because we are "busy" and have "no time"), we eat highly processed diets full of glyphosate-laden wheat and simple sugars.

This is not a condition of overweight, lazy people. This is a condition of the modern people living by the rules of modern life, more disconnected from nature than ever. This is the price we are paying for the conveniences of our modern, technologically advanced lives.


  • Feeling responsible for others, making us spend our internal resources and drop personal boundaries

  • Lack of emotional nurturing

  • Feeling obligated and "having no choices in life"

  • Suppression of emotions because of fear of rejection

  • Feeling inferior and fighting for a higher place in the social hierarchy

  • Feeling like an outcast, not belonging

Supportive Affirmations:

"It is safe to feel all emotions. I let myself feel uncomfortable emotions, letting them move through me"

Questions to ask yourself:

  • If no one could make you feel ashamed or guilty for choosing the life you want to live, what would you do differently?

  • How can you cultivate a feeling of being emotionally and spiritually connected to your community?

  • How can I live more in tune with my body and its rhythms?

  • How can I allow myself to feel the joy of living and experiencing all emotions, so I no longer have to numb myself out and distract myself with achievements, money, food, and sensory pleasures?

Oils, Herbs, and Crystals that can help:

  • Bitterness towards life: Ylang-ylang; Rose Quartz

  • Feeling disconnected: Myrtle; Kyanite

  • Feeling inferior: Bergamot; Blue Calcite

Things you can do at home to help with this condition:

  • Prioritize sleep over entertainment.

  • Severely limit blue light exposure before sunrise and after sunset (use blue light blockers, red lightbulbs, and candlelight whenever possible).

  • Turn off all non-essential electronics before going to sleep. Ground daily.

  • Learn and listen to your body's hunger/fullness cues.

  • Cultivate emotional and spiritual connections with others.

As with any other condition, illness, or ailment: THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

Our bodies are about 50,000 years behind our technological advances and modern way of living.

From now on, without the need to make it perfect, start adjusting your life so it can harmonize with your biology, not the other way around.


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