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Infections and Infestations

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Mosquitoes aren't caused by stale waters; they are drawn to stale waters.

It is the same with bacteria, parasites, other organisms: they are drawn to their natural environment.

  • Bacteria thrive in emotional environments full of guilt and regret, self-punishment, and sabotaging patterns.

  • Viruses are drawn do emotions of unworthiness and feeling like you have to fight to be respected.

  • Fungus eats resentment like it was sugar!

  • Parasites see your poor emotional boundaries as an invitation to move in and feel at home.

The specific body part that these critters occupy tells you a lot about the psychosomatic root causes of the symptoms they cause.

  • Cavities, caused by bacteria: why do you keep sabotaging your own growth by accepting too many responsibilities? Out of guilt?

  • Tapeworm (a parasite): how is blaming others serving you? Is victimhood a part of your identity?

  • Cold sores, caused by a virus: what annoyance/irritation you feel unworthy of expressing? Maybe it's time to stop proving your worth?

  • Female Yeast Infection, caused by candida: are you agreeing to be physically intimate with your partner out of fear of rejection? How do you really feel about your role as a woman?

You are NOT POWERLESS to change your emotional environment, even though it might sometimes feel like it.

I provide a gentle healing service to my clients, jump starting their own healing abilities.

Book your session and call your power back from those pesky critters!

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