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Gas, Flatulence - Fed up and Fearful

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Our digestive process results in the production of intestinal gas. Most of it is absorbed back into the bloodstream and released through the lungs. However, when there is too much gas being produced, it causes discomfort and has to be expelled through the end of the digestive tract (insert fart joke here). There could be several reasons why more gas is produced:

  • improper food combinations (like fruits with meat, or dairy with starches),

  • use of oral antibiotics

  • overconsumption of fermented foods, complex carbs, or sugar alcohols

  • indigestion (incomplete food digestion that can be caused by multiple factors)

  • impaired function of the intestines, pancreas, and/or liver,

  • poisoning (eating "bad" foods)

Whatever the physical cause is*, the psychosomatic roots of flatulence are similar:

  • fear of failing

  • taking on too many burdens, creating a sense of heavy responsibility and anxiety

  • fear of saying "no" to influential people; fear of disappointing them

  • very poor personal boundaries making you feel like you're losing your territory (gas "smokes" the invaders out when you "can't" say NO to them)

*Please note that issues with gas are often a secondary symptom of much more complex issues, like food poisoning, or intestinal impairment. In that case, a skilled practitioner should address the root of the primary issue first.

Supportive Affirmations: "I no longer have to carry the responsibilities of my superiors in order to please them. I safely release all burdens that no longer serve me. I easily say NO to things that make me feel uncomfortable."

Questions for you:

  1. Whose disapproval are you afraid of?

  2. Who is disrespecting your territory?

  3. Who misjudged your actions/character?

Natural remedies (use while working on the emotional trauma at the root of this problem):

  1. Perform the Wind-Relieving yoga pose (Pawanmuktasana),

  2. Deepen your breath, allowing your diaphragm to move freely,

  3. Epsom salt baths,

  4. Use herbs and oils: anise, fennel, melissa, parsley, lender blossom,

  5. Release/heal the fear of saying NO. Own your right to rest!

💚Healing the psychosomatic root cause:

Ancestral values, womb and birth trauma, ongoing emotional conflicts, and limiting beliefs need to be addressed to heal the root of this condition.

I offer gentle, yet effective emotional trauma release sessions.

We can start resolving the emotional stress causing this symptom in about 60 minutes!

Book your session here.

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