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Constipation - holding onto old shit.

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Constipation - holding onto old shit.

Metaphorically speaking constipation represents holding onto toxins.

These could be toxic emotions, coping mechanisms, or memories.


  • Feeling spent and burdened.

  • Bottling up your authentic needs and emotions.

  • Frustration outbursts deepening your fear of expressing yourself even further.

This pattern started in the past where your efforts to express yourself provoked confrontation and resulted in being rejected. You feel like you have held onto your words and you feel like no one wants to listen to you. If you are currently experiencing a love-hate relationship with someone, your happy moments are often bittersweet. You are not sure if it is safe to express yourself with that person, and that leads to the feeling that you are without a voice and powerless. In this situation, your anger and resentment help you to reclaim your power and identity. Supportive Affirmations: "I communicate with ease and I am received with love. I let go of old information easily" To help explore the emotional traumas that led to these patterns, ask yourself:

  • Why are you holding onto things you don't need anymore?

  • Are you afraid to forgive yourself and let go?

  • Do you trust those around you?

  • Are your stubbornness and hardened attitude helping you survive?

  • How does change make you feel?

Supportive Oils, Herbs, and Crystals:

  • Ginger, Fennel, Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemon Essential Oils, or fresh herbs used in cooking and teas. EO's can also be applied directly in the navel at night, of course, diluted to a safe concentration.

  • Fluorite, Aquamarine, Azurite crystals can be placed directly on the tummy. Set an intention before the session (you can use the above affirmations).

💚Healing the psychosomatic root cause:

Ancestral values, womb and birth trauma, ongoing emotional conflicts, and limiting beliefs need to be addressed to heal the root of this condition.

I offer gentle, yet effective emotional trauma release sessions.

We can start resolving the emotional stress causing this symptom in about 60 minutes!

Book your session here.

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