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Burping - Echoes of Impatience

Burping and belching happen when the air trapped in the stomach comes up and out through the mouth.

In some cultures, it's seen as a sign of having eaten enough food, of enjoying the food, and even as a complement to the chef!

In other cultures burping is unacceptable and people are expected to silence them.

On the emotional level, burping symbolizes an echo from your past (your childhood), specifically the impatient style of parenting your caregivers had.

Back then this style of parenting could've been perceived by you as abusive (children that young do not have the conscious recollection of what abuse is but they do feel it's not OK).

Burping and belching usually happen when you feel you "have to get it right this time".

Notice when you burp and what comes up:

  1. If it's "just air" - examine what are you doing now? What are you planning to do? Does it feel like you have to get it "right" this time?⁣

  2. If it's something you just ate or drank, examine what thoughts were you thinking while consuming that "intake".⁣

  3. Were you eating/drinking fast?⁣ ⁣How does impatience serve you?⁣ ⁣Where are you hurrying to?⁣

  4. If the burp was a word, what emotion would it express?⁣

When babies burp, they often vomit as well.

Vomiting is symbolic rejection, disgust with something.

What was the mother feeling when she was feeding the baby? What was she thinking about?

If you are a mom to a baby that needs to be burped, notice how your emotional state changes the burping process.

Natural remedies that could help:

  • Slow down when you eat. Take a few deep breaths before eating and/or pray before meals.

  • Chew cumin seeds after eating

  • Avoid carbonated drinks

  • Impatiens Flower Essence

  • Amber and Howlite crystal stones

  • Lavender or ylang ylang EO

Not every burp means you have emotional pain to work through.

But when burping becomes problematic, lasts way longer than usual, or becomes a stress response (or an annoying party trick you become known for) healing the emotional root causes of it will speed up the release of this problem.

Email me at if you have any questions about this or any other condition and its emotional root causes.

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