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Autoimmune Emotions

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Epsom salt baths can help alleviate physical pain, but how do you deal with the emotional pain associated with autoimmunity? First you need to know what that pain is...

Autoimmune diseases happen when our immune system attacks healthy cells in our body.

According to modern medicine, this happens by “mistake”.

According to Functional Medicine, holistic medicine, traditional medicine and ➡numerous⬅ new scientific studies, nothing in the body happens “by mistake”.

Our bodies are extremely adaptable, making them resilient and able to withstand chronic stress, such as toxicity or nutritional deficiencies, emotional stress such as trauma, mental stress such as worry, chemical stress such as medications, physical stress such as a “sitting job”, chronic infections, and dehydration.

At the physical level, autoimmune conditions are caused by chronic inflammation, caused by chronic stress.

Our bodies adapt to this perpetual state of stress by changing its physiology.

Modern medicine works against the body and advises you to take prescription high blood pressure medications to lower the blood pressure; Functional Medicine looks at the root cause of your blood becoming too thick and works with the body to remedy that cause first.

While Functional Medicine strives to find the physical root cause of ailments, Metaphysical Anatomy™ digs even deeper, looking for the emotional trauma (emotional stress) that led to the physical changes in the body, later causing adaptive physiological changes we call physical ailments, or diseases.

To fully, holographically, and multidimensionally understand all causes of your particular ailment, we have to learn the metaphorical and symbolical language of the body.

Our body’s systems, organs, and functions metaphorically symbolize the flow and movement of life force and emotions. Specific energetic and emotional blocks will manifest in specific body parts. This wisdom has been studied by ancient scientists, from ancient India and China, through Native shamans and spirit whisperers, to modern day mystics and medical intuitives.

Modern science isn’t too far behind. We now know that the environment we grow up with has a tremendous power to change our gene expression, switching genes on or off. We call the study of these changes a science of Epigenetics.

Studies show that the environment your ancestors grew up in (including emotional stress, like the Holocaust) changes gene expression to adapt to the stressor, and those changed genes are later passed on to the future generations¹. The new generations often times express the adaptation their ancestors’ genes first developed during the time of stress, even though the original stressor isn’t present in their lives.

Nature intended this to happen to protect future generations, but you no longer have to live in the unconscious fight-or flight mode because your grandparents suffered extreme poverty, famine, and perpetual feelings of danger during World War 2.

❓Can you identify the emotional stressors of your condition in your present life? ❓Can you see these patterns in your parents? ❓How does your condition make you feel?

Let me know in the comments below.


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