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Total Life Transformation


Change your life around with this

6-month long Total Life Transformation with me.



This program is based on emotional healing and trauma release.





Program Overview




Over the next 6 months, we will be meeting on a monthly basis via video conference. Explore the topics and activities designed for your Life Transformation below:




Month 1



At the beginning of your Total Life Transformation,

we will meet twice during our first month together. Our first session will thoroughly explore the challenges and blocks you currently experience in your life. We will discover how these challenges keep you safe but stuck where you currently are. This first session will be also used to uncover the root causes of those challenges, and you will learn how past trauma and stress allowed these blocks to form. 


During our second session, we will use the Metaphysical Anatomy™ Technique to find and dissolve the trauma that keeps your challenges active in your life. You will experience your first encounter with your own healing ability. I will also teach you how to use breathwork to assist your body with the integration of the changes and healing you did during our first healing session together.

Be ready to be amazed, as this gentle technique is powerful enough to bring rapid changes into your life! 








During months 2 to 5, we will continue to dissolve the blocks and challenges we discovered during month 1. You will learn more and more about your own healing ability, and you will become intimate with the language of your own body. Expect big changes in your life, as you continue to shed old belief systems, and recover positive resources in your life. 

You will be amazed how much of your emotional baggage is not actually your own! You will have a privilege to end generational trauma you inherited from your ancestors, and you will become aware AND resolve the self-sabotage that was unconsciously stifling your own growth.




Month 6



Month 6 will be a celebration of your transformation you did over the past 5 months. During our last session, you will solidify changes you worked on during our past healing sessions. By this time your healthy boundaries will be established, your understanding of your own body and its language will be profound. You will see how quickly you evolved into a resourceful, responsible woman, who is in charge of her life and is not afraid to take action. Your Holistic Self-healing Toolbox will be filled with new, improved inventory and you will be equipped with confidence to continue trusting life and live authentically!




how can a coch help

So how can a coach and this program help me?


Have you always wanted to really step up the game and advance in life so much so your own self-image finally matches your physical reality?



You have the ability to finally meet your future best self!

This program is designed to change your life in a big way! Imagine that you won't have to continually force yourself into changing habits after habits. Imagine that you will be shown a shortcut from where you are to where you want to be in life! Imagine that you will finally let go of the old stress that keeps you stuck in life. Imagine that you will heal the old trauma that keeps manifesting in your life as physical ailments. Imagine that you will be able to heal your relationships, set and keep healthy boundaries, learn how to listen to your body and find that sure and peaceful place within you that you always longed for!

This program is designed to bring you closer to your authentic, resourceful,

fearless you that is currently buried under layers and layers of old "stuff".

I am here to facilitate your healing. You will be doing all the work! You will be amazed that you had that power in you all along! Whether you currently struggle in your health, love life or finances, this program will dissolve old limiting beliefs and emotional anchors that keep you stuck in life!

This program will help you discover what trauma you inherited from your parents and grandparents, what trauma is with you since your conception, your time in the womb and your birth, and what trauma you "collected" in your childhood and later life. You will be amazed at how much of your current stress is caused by emotional trauma that isn't even yours! Don't believe me? Please watch the PBS's NOVA episode called "Ghost in your Genes". You will be shocked at how science proves how we inherit trauma from our ancestors.

In this program, you will learn about trauma transfer, and how energy pockets you picked up form other people are influencing your decisions and thought processes now. This program will harmonize the survival mechanism and instincts that are "stuck" on overdrive in your body. We will discover and dissolve the self-sabotaging behaviors that are preventing you from healing, growing, evolving, advancing in your business and private life.

All this will be accomplished in a gentle yet powerful way, that doesn't require you to relive your trauma. You will still have memories of stressful events, however, they will no longer have a negative impact on your life now.

MAT sessions are fun, gentle, creative and playful.

Is there a better way to dissolve old stress and release the negativity from your life?

Is Total Life Transformation Program for ME?



This Coaching Program is for:

     . Those who are done feeling stuck and unable to move beyond a certain point in their health, emotions and/or             life.

     . Those who are open to self-healing techniques, those who are interested in energy work, and those who allow           themselves to learn from past stress, and move on beyond self-doubt and an illusion of safety of status quo.

     . Anyone who is willing to work on themselves and believe that change is possible.

     . Anyone who desires, but feels afraid of big changes.

     . Those who want to dissolve their self sabotaging behavior and be in charge of their life.

     . Individuals curious about the psychosomatic root causes of ailments and spiritual growth.

     . Those of you who want to become a better version of themselves, those who want a life that is aligned with                 their authentic selves, and anyone wanting to listen and trust their own intuition.

This Coaching Program is not for:

     . Those not willing to make any changes in their life, waiting for someone else to change instead.
     . Negative people who are afraid to let go of their safety blankets.
     . Anyone unwilling to forgive.
     . All of those who want to continue to blame others for their challenges.
     . People who are unwilling to be playful, messy and authentically raw with their emotions.


What will I experience and get from my coaching?


Great question! If you are curious about what this program will look like, keep reading!


During our first session (typically 60 minutes in length) you and I will get to know each other. If you experience some fear and anxiety about the big changes you are about to make in your life - fantastic! That means that the body is afraid of letting go of old associations and identifications that are you outgrew a long time ago! We will address this fear during our first session.

We will be playful and exploratory, and together we will discover the causes of your blocks and challenges in your life, and we will also discuss the hidden benefits that keep your conditions unresolved.

This session is for you to understand how past trauma and unresolved stress is keeping you feeling stuck in life and unable to finally move on from making the same mistakes again and again.



The remaining sessions (usually 60 mins in length) will be our healing sessions. We will use the Metaphysical Anatomy™ Technique to find and dissolve the blocks and old stress form your body. You will use your own healing abilities to gently remove those blocks, and together we will emove negative associations and old beliefs from your subconscious mind. We will address and harmonize the stuck survival mechanisms, and we will "reprogram" your neural pathways in a gentle way. New positive resources will resurface into your consciousness, and you will experience a peaceful, neutral state of being.

Your body will do all the remaining work of integrating the healing and changes made during our MAT sessions.

You will see an improvement in your life typically within a week after each of our sessions.


Some of the tools we will use during our healing sessions include:

-breathwork and meditation,

-guided imagery and visualization,

-positive suggestions,

-moving your body,




What topics and areas of life will be discussed during coaching?


I am so glad you asked.

MAT sessions can be used for healing of your physical ailments, boundaries in your life, relationships with people, limiting beliefs, anger and other emotional states, even your financial situation. we will explore what is the most pressing issue in your life during our first session together!





is it for me

My client's motto:

"I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me."


Are You Ready to Start Your Journey?

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