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Intensive Health Coaching


Start your journey back to health with this

3-month long Intensive Health Coaching Package with me.



This program is based on Functional Medicine Health Coaching.





Program Overview




Over the next 3 months, we will be meeting on a bi-weekly basis via video conference. Explore the topics and activities designed for your Intensive Health Coaching below:




Month 1



At the beginning of your Intensive Health Coaching 

we will meet twice during our first month together. During our first session will thoroughly explore the history of your health, and how your ailment started in your life. You will familiarize me with your past and current lifestyle choices, stress in your life, and your medical history. We will also explore how your condition is affecting your life and what can we do to improve your health. You will set your first wellness goals at the end of this session.


During our second session, we will continue to get to know each other. We will establish the best system of accountability and support between sessions. We will discuss your progress so far and we will adjust your goals accordingly. With your permission, some health and wellness education might be given to you

form me during this session.

Positive psychology is the basis of my coaching approach! 




Month 2


Month 3



During month 2, you will narrow down your SMARTER goals, targetting your desired outcomes with greater precision. By this time we will become close enough

so I, with your permission, can implement some mind-body modalities into our coaching. As you continue to make progress, I will gently guide you and educate you on the best lifestyle modalities that can help you with your condition. You will use your own reasoning and intuition to chose what works best for you. By sticking to your own goals you will come closer to your desired outcome, whether it is diet change, detox plan, sleep hygiene improvement or exercise implementation. You will also learn how your character strengths can help you stick to your goals and naturally transform challenging situations into growth.




By month 3 you will become more trusting of your own ability to change your habits. With my guidance, you will become more intuitive in your lifestyle choices, you will also learn the ability to transform stress into growth. You will become independent on your healing journey, knowledgeable about Functional Medicine approach to health, and you will also make an action plan for your continuing health journey, now on your own! 

You will grow as a person, become confident, and you will stand firmly in your own power.




how can a coch help

So how can a coach and this program help me?


You already know that eating well, exercising and sleep hygiene is crucial to your health. But if only
knowing could make your life joyful and your health radiant!



It is applied knowledge that changes the game.

Along the way we get discouraged by the lack of immediate effects, confused by the amount of
information out there, distrusting of the medical community for overmedicating us. We feel attacked by
our own bodies for developing 
dis-eases, we are exhausted by trying every diet and exercise plan out
there and yet nothing seems to work long term!

A coach is here to help you understand your own body and the effect of physical, chemical and emotional stress on your health.

A coach is here to inspire you to change your mindset about your life happening for you, not to you (yes,
I also thought that I am being punished by my ill health and there is no way out- I will be chronically ill
forever and my dis-ease will define my life).

A coach is here to support you fully and wholeheartedly, provide a sympathetic ear, guidance and to
focus on your strength and successes (yes, I’ve been there- I felt like you and I’ve been through similar
challenges AND I overcame the limitations I once thought will keep me stuck forever).

After all, what makes you feel more seen, understood and accepted than someone saying “I know how you feel”?

A coach is a mirror- a very special mirror, that focuses on reflecting what IS working, on what IS good and well and on what CAN be changed.

Is Total Life Transformation Program for ME?



This Coaching Program is for:

     . Those who want an ally, a guide and a friend on their healing journey.

     . Those who are open to a holistic approach to health, founded on evidence-based Functional Medicine.

     . Anyone who is willing to work on themselves and believe that change is possible.

     . Anyone who desires improved health and better relationship with their bodies.

     . Those who want to understand how their bodies work and how they can provide their bodies with the best                   healing environment.

     . Individuals curious about the positive psychology and mind-body modalities.

     . Those of you who want to become independent on their healing journey, with research-based healing tools at           their disposal.

This Coaching Program is not for:

     . Those not willing to make any changes in their life, waiting for someone else to change instead.
     . Negative people who blame others for their health challenges.
     . Anyone unwilling to learn.

     . People who have dozens of excuses and multiple reasons why they cannot change.
     . All of those who want to continue using medications for symptom relief without applying simple and effective           lifestyle changes.
     . People who are unwilling to be playful, flexible and accommodating.


What will I experience and get from my coaching?


Great question! If you are curious about what this program will look like, keep reading!


During our first session (typically 75 minutes in length) you and I will get to know each other. you and I will get to know each other. Bring in all your questions about your health journey and ask me anything! Sit down, relax, drink your favorite beverage and chat with me about: your history with your ailment, what worked and didn't work for you in the past, what you think is standing between you and where you want to be in life, your hopes and preliminary goals for coaching, your intention for the next 3 months, and so much more!

We will use the FM Timeline to map your health history, and together we will discover how your past affects your current state of health. You and will discuss and agree on the best way to keep you accountable, and you will set your first SMARTER goal. This session will also familiarize you with my foreign accent and playful sense of humor;)

I am genuinely interested in you and invested in your success, and this first session will bring us closer together, so we can trust each other and depend on one another more.



The remaining sessions (usually 45 mins in length)

are our coaching sessions. Some of the time we will spend together will be dedicated to wellness education- with your permission, I will cover the topics that are relevant to your healing journey. The rest of the time will be spent on: your self-discovery, identifying roadblocks on your healing path, brainstorming ideas as to overcoming them, playfully communicating with your body, learning how to open up your intuition and communication channels with your natural healing abilities, lots of listening to you with compassion and understanding, setting SMARTER goals, accountability, and plenty of relaxing deep breaths. 

Please remember that the content of coaching sessions is client-centered and generated by you. 

There are no right or wrong ways of coaching to be executed. Don't worry- if you are not sure what to talk about, or if you get stuck/discouraged/not sure about the process, together we will find something to bring you closer to your goal.



Some of the tools we will use during our healing sessions include:

-breathwork and meditation,

-guided imagery and visualization,

-diet and food,

-exercise and movement,

-Elements of Metaphysical Anatomy™ Rapid Growth Technique (yes, I include this in every coaching package!)


-detox, including social and thought detox,

-lifestyle tracking apps and devices,

-and many more!





What topics and areas of life will be discussed during coaching?


I am so glad you asked.

Wellness coaching is not only about diet, exercise, sleep and keeping up with your doctor's appointments. It is about so much more! In addition to the obvious, we will be discussing your spirituality, sense of purpose and meaning. We will also touch on your relationships; your leisure time, creativity and play; rest and relaxation; personal and intellectual growth; your career and finances, and anything else we both will find imperative for your healing.


If you are wondering what topics I "specialize" in, that would be the following:


-autoimmunity and chronic conditions,

-Functional Medicine,

-depression and other mood disorders,

-AIP and other elimination diets,

-leaky gut, 

-gluten free and dairy free diets,

-metaphysical root causes for your ailments,


-body image and self-esteem,

-overeating, emotional eating and binge eating,

-romantic and platonic relationships,

-mind/body medicine,

-multidimensionality of ailments,

-self-healing and holistic healing,


If you have a specific problem, or you do not see the nature of your ailment listed here, shoot me an email! 

I am learning every day, and constantly expanding my knowledge and training. Let's see if I can help you with your specific inquiry. I can't wait to hear from you!






is it for me

My client's motto:

"I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me."


Are You Ready to Start Your Journey?

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