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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your program for ME?


My Program is for:

     . Those who are suffering from addiction to diets and the negative body image.

     . Those who want to understand their Inner Healer, accept their bodies, break up with the diet industry dogma and have a fulfilling life.

     . Anyone who is willing to work on accepting themselves but is not sure how to start or how to stay on track.

     . Anyone who is sick and tired of the constant chase after the mirage of a better life after the diet.

     . Those who want to shift from victim mentality to personal empowerment.

     . Individuals who are curious about food freedom and want to learn how to eat in harmony with their bodies.

     . Those of you who want encouragement, understanding, undivided attention and guidance on your healing journey.

My Program is not for:

     . People who have an active eating disorder.   

     . Those not willing to make any changes in their life.
     . Anyone looking for yet another weight loss program.
     . All of those who want things to be done for them and are unwilling to change.
     . People who are unwilling to grow, expand, take responsibility and care for themselves.

2. Who is a healing facilitator?

A healing facilitator is someone who creates an environment in which you can heal yourself. Healing facilitators ask the right questions, and together with you create and keep the focus on a strong intention for the highest possible healing outcome for you.

Healing Facilitator is not: a therapist, psychologist, healer, doctor, dietitian, counselor, consultant, advice-giver, or
spiritual guide.

When you sign up to work with me, you are clear that it is your journey, your healing, 

and that you are in control – and that I am there to facilitate that for you.

I  will respect your Inner Healer, see you as a whole and perfect person having a desire to heal and to have meaning and purpose in your life. I will help you recognize your own limits and self-sabotage, but it is up to you whether or not you are ready to change.

I can help you recognize old beliefs, values, and generational stories keeping you stuck, and I will help you see your blind spots – so that you may lift the fog from your path and go courageously forth in the direction of your purpose
and healing.

You are worthy of healing and living your best life. You have all you need to start your journey.

As Arthur Ashe said: start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

3. So how can the healing facilitator and this program help me?


Deep down you already know what you need to do in order to heal your diet addiction and reclaim your food freedom, but the strong negative emotions you feel whenever you think about change are keeping you stuck.


I help you resolve and dissolve that emotional stress.

If you ever tried to "eat normal and just be" in the past you probably came across the fear of getting worse, the fear of relp[sing, the fear of rejection and judgment. Maybe you even felt attacked by your own body for changing in unexpected ways, making you feel lost and scared.

I am here to help you understand your own body and the effect of physical, chemical and emotional stress on your Being.


4. What is included in the program?


Great Question! Knowing what's included in the program will help you decide if it's right for you.


My Healing Diet Addiction and Coming Home to your Body Program is based on emotional healing and gentle trauma release, using the Metaphysical Anatomy™ Technique and incorporates wellness coaching in the Functional Medicine paradigm. If you are looking for a program that encompasses self-healing techniques, science-based education, mind-body modalities, and continuous high-quality health coaching, this one is for you!

During this program, you will release old beliefs and associations, dissolve stuck emotions, heal your blocks and challenges, and bring forth new positive resources that will enable you to live your life to the fullest! If you desire not only food freedom, but also personal growth and big breakthroughs, sign up for this program!


We will address specific trauma points that created the perfect opportunity to allow diet addiction and perpetuated your negative body image, learn about the science of hunger, and release the need to be perfect.


5. What topics and areas of life will be discussed during the program?


I am so glad you asked.

Each client is different, so the topics discussed will be slightly different for everyone, but they're a few things every client is working on with me:

-the "mother wound" (the stress you experienced during the time in your mother's womb, and the associations with nourishment and safety you inherited form her and your female ancestors),

-the addiction to diets (what emotional stress makes you opt for yet another diet),

-the self-image; how you view yourself and how you feel about yourself,

-the fear of success (we will address and heal the perceived negative consequences of healing your diet addiction).



6. What is Metaphysical Anatomy™? Are you an Energy Healer?


No. I do not heal people. I am a healing facilitator; I show you how you can allow your body to heal itself and guide you as you do it using a technique called Metaphysical Anatomy™. MAT is a powerful yet gentle personal development technique based on trauma release. What makes this technique different from most trauma release therapies is the fact that in MAT session you do not need to relive your trauma! In fact,  clients can often resolve trauma easily by identifying its hidden benefit, also known as secondary gain.

To heal, it is important to understand what is trauma, how traumas become stuck and unresolved and how unresolved trauma impacts the client's life.


Trauma occurs when a person feels unsafe.

Any stressful situation without immediate resolution is traumatic.


I believe trauma is at the base of most physical ailments, diseases, financial difficulties, relationship problems, and emotional distress.

The science of epigenetics is very important in the MAT process. How we perceive our environment has a direct impact on our physical bodies. Perceived or experienced threats and stresses have the power to turn our genes on or off. We pass on those changed genes to our future generations. Now, if a client has inherited trauma from her ancestors, and that trauma becomes triggered and active during a stressful event her life, it will manifest itself, even though it wasn't her who experienced it first!

Now the client might experience blocks in her life because those blocks and limitations would have kept her ancestors safe, given the trauma they experienced and she inherited from them. The mechanism is the same for traumas we experience during our own life and associations we form in our own subconscious mind. The ailments, blocks, and challenges we experience as a result of unresolved trauma are actually keeping us safe from a perceived threat.


Just because we survived trauma doesn't mean we completed the trauma cycle. According to Dr. Robert C. Scaer, the process of completing trauma is a way of  “discharging retained autonomic (nervous system) energy.” According to Scaer’s research, humans, unlike animals, lack the ability to discharge this autonomic nervous energy. The human physically survives the trauma, but never completes the trauma. The traumatic experience may be imprinted and stored in the brain. There is also remaining suppressed adrenaline in the body, and the muscles are still tensed as if the body still wants to protect itself from a possible threat. It surfaces as tension and rigidity. This is why past trauma can create so many long-term symptoms in humans. According to epigenetics, this trauma, that has imprinted itself in the brain and genes of the survivor of trauma, can be passed on to future generations.


In the field of self-development and self-healing, disassociation from traumatic events is encouraged. This does not complete the trauma, it does not resolve the traumatic experience and does not directly address healing.  Disassociation might be needed temporarily, for example, when a victim is in great distress and unable to escape the abuser, but in the long term, disassociation does not heal. It creates a "ring road" around a traumatic memory and experience, but eventually, the main neural "highway" going through that trauma will reopen and the person who disassociated from that trauma will re-experience it again.


It is crucial to dissolve any and all neural pathways in the brain that are connected to the traumatic event.


MAT session can and does dissolve the trauma from the body, the brain, and the limbic system.

The client becomes free from emotional blocks, and the trauma is released, allowing the positive emotional resources to resurface. The client starts to make better decisions subconsciously, this time not in avoidance of perceived threat, nor providing hidden benefits, but in accordance with her own true desires. Life harmonizes and the client evolves into a more free, responsible, authentic version of herself.



7. Can I completely heal from diet addiction with you?


It depends on a multitude of factors, including your associations with your condition and your identification with it. It also depends if the secondary gains of your diet addiction are perceived by you as better than healing.

Remember, you are the driver of the changes you make in your life,

so how deeply you dive into yourself and how much you heal depends solely on you.



8. Do you guarantee any results?


My goal is to create as much change for you in the highest and best way possible for you.


You will be given sound suggestions on how to improve your relationship with food and your body.

These suggestions will be based on science, experience, common knowledge, and your own internal clarity and knowing. If you accept and adhere to these suggestions, you will see improvement in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual relationship with food and your body.

You will release old, unresolved emotional trauma, and the ripple effect of this healing will keep unfolding in your life up to 2 years after the healing.

Results will vary based o your own individual makeup, DNA, belief systems, past traumas, living conditions, et cetera. I advise all my clients to work in conjunction with licensed professionals for better results.

Remember that my services do not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any condition.

I can promise you my highest intention for your healing, my focus on your results, and delivering you the best tools, science, experience, and knowledge I have to expedite your healing.

Your success is my success!

I personally cannot guarantee any results as the results of the MAT healing and coaching depend on YOU.

Again, my goal is to create as much change for you in the highest and best way possible for you.


By combining physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing you will see

desired results faster than if you worked on your mindset alone. 

The more "dimensions" of your wellbeing you add,

the more comprehensive the healing will be.



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