Hi, I'm Monika, your Healing Facilitator.

I help emotionally aware women create

Heart-Centered solutions for harmonizing their life

so they can facilitate their OWN healing from a place of compassion and live their most vibrant, purposeful, and meaningful life.



My mission is to remind you of and reconnect you with your own healing abilities, instill a sense of personal freedom in you, get you excited about your life, and guide you on your personal journey back to vibrant health,  unshakeable confidence, strong intuition, and personal breakthroughs!

Ready to start?

Ask yourself...

  • Am I sick and tired of chasing after "ideal" life?

  • Do I feel frustrated with myself and limited by others?

  • Am I dreaming about finally enjoying what I already have?

  • Do I feel broken, like there is something wrong with me?

  • Do I believe that my body is acting against me?

  • Am I blaming myself for self-sabotage?

  • Does it seem like I tried almost every doctor, pill, diet and program out there and still nothing seems to work long term?

  • Am I close to giving up?

  • Do I feel isolated, lost, and sometimes crazy because of my uncomfortable emotions?

  • Do I feel like no one understands me fully?

  • Do I feel stuck, not knowing what I should do next?

If you answered YES to any of these questions

Let's have a conversation!

Together we can...

  • Ditch band-aid solutions for good!

  • Transform fears into trust!

  • Learn to listen to our bodies and give them precisely what they need!

  • Improve the comfort of our everyday life!

  • Attain more pleasure and joy in life!

  • Deepen our connection with ourselves to hear our intuitive insights clearer!

  • Move away from reactions towards wiser responses!

  • Understand the hidden benefits of staying stuck!

  • Evolve from binging, inactivity, and sleepless nights to fulfilling nourishment, satisfying movement, creative energy, and mental clarity!

  • Find gratitude and acceptance of our bodies!

  • Shift from "life happens to me" to "life happens for me" mentality!

  • Gain confidence and knowledge that empowers us to make lasting changes!

  • AND uplift our loved ones!

Are you ready

to break free from defaulting back

to the same coping strategies?

Are you ready to heal the emotional trauma at the root of your problem and release it form your limbic system, cellular memory, and DNA?

Are you ready to be your best friend and an expert on your own body?

I will teach you how to be yourself in the body you have here and now,

so you can be confident in pursuing your passion!


I will show you how to reconnect with The Life Force without the need to be different,

so you can start trusting your life again!


I will teach you how to increase energy by making harmonious decisions,

so you can grow friendships!


I will show you how to heal beyond the physical symptoms of your ailment,

so your healing includes your emotions and thoughts as well.


I will teach you how to love yourself with your limitations,

so you can depend on yourself and feel safe in challenging situations.


I will show you how to listen to your body and what your cravings mean,

so you can provide yourself with the most supportive healing environment.


I will teach you how to set and keep your boundaries with confidence,

so you can stop sabotaging your progress.


I will show you how to be happier regardless of your physique,

so you can stop defining your worth by your sacrifices.


And finally, I will teach you how to be patient with your healing,

how to allow yourself to wait for the improvements, what to do in the meantime,

and how to grow gracefully between breakthroughs!

If you are looking for a guided program that will:


-reconnect you with your body to finally understand what it needs,

-heal the emotional root cause of your ailments,

-make you feel confident and ready to take action and finally improve your quality of life,

-help you stop measuring your self-worth by your achievements and start connecting

with your Inner Healer,

-put a stop to self-sabotaging your efforts and start living responsibly with clear direction and a sense of trust...


Look no further!

Explore my programs here and start your healing today!

Take the first step to your healing today! 

Book your 45-minute heart-centered

strategy call with me now 

(yes, you deserve the very best!).

I can't wait to see you shine!

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