You have healing codes, guidelines, instructions in your biological makeup, in your DNA.

You can achieve calmness, peace, and neutrality around a topic that previously felt painful, hurting, terrifying by allowing your Body and Spirit to guide you.

My healing sessions aren't magic; they are guided by the intellect of your own biology!

They are natural, normal, and individually connected to your specific makeup.


Your OWN!

It is time you drop forceful attempts to manipulate your life and Heal in harmony with your biology, your mind, heart, with your roots, with your purpose, and with your SOVEREIGNTY. 

Let me guide you through a gentle process bringing you closer to You.

All problems start in your psyche.

Every physical, mental, emotional discomfort can be traced down to emotions.

And once you dissolve, resolve, and release the root of your problem, the symptoms of it

(ailments, pain, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, fears, anger, sadness, surviving instead of thriving) wither off, just like a plant withers when its roots are chopped off.

Your physical expression heals itself, without your involvement,

once you create a potent environment for it.


Emotional healing does just that.

So if your wellness plan, your goal achievement plan, your LIFE is not leaving you feeling peaceful, light, calm, and emotionally neutral, why are you even following it?

Wouldn't it be awesome if you got ALL parts of you on the same page, so you can heal HOLISTICALLY in harmony with your biology?

Healing is not the same as curing. It is so much more!

Healing opens up your heart and covers you with a blanket of calmness and neutrality.
It calls your power back to you, so you no longer feel a need to escape your reality.
It grounds you in your body, making you feel safe with who you are.
It looks at the past with compassion, so mistakes transform into valuable experiences.
It makes space for allowing and embracing all aspects of you.


It anchors you back into your purpose.
It expands and deepens your relationship with yourself.
It fertilizes your personal growth and expansion.
It is so much more than a remedy for a symptom.


It returns you back to you.

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