How the victim mentality keeps you stuck in sickness

My Story...

Having a chronic disease feels like the loneliest place on earth. While I was stuck in a fight-or-flight mode, my friends, cousins, and loved ones were moving on with their life, seemingly achieving more than I ever could.

While I was stuck choosing between healing sleep (9.30pm bedtime) and socializing, my friends were dancing the night away. They were converting their week's pay into trips, parties, and drinks, while I was shopping around for the most affordable ultrasound place in the area.

Life was so unfair!!

Why was I the one recycling the same 50 pounds over and over, feeling like 80-year-old grandma after 3pm, reacting to my favorite foods, and not to mention, I didn't get to complain about my PMS for years, because my period's gone missing when I was 18!

My high school friends were getting cars as their graduation presents and all I got was an 8 year stretch of depression, frustration, and insomnia.

I tried everything and worked twice as hard to stay on top of this awful condition. I dieted the pounds away, I restricted food to veggies and meat only, I ditched partying, I flipped my house upside-down in search of plastics and chemicals that were hurting my endocrine system, I spent a fortune of doctors and endless supplements, I even created a vision board for the future version of me without this stupid bodily dysfunction!

The reward? Flare-ups, relapses, and hopelessness making sleep impossible (again).

Why me?

Was it the radiation of the Chernobyl disaster of 1986? Was it the fluoride treatment in grade school? Maybe all the vaccines? Oh, It must've been all that wheat!

Why me?

What's the point of healing diets and supplements if I can't go away for vacation without taking my own food with me (God forbid I ate any gluten!)? What's the point of a perfect RT3/FT3 ratio if that means I can't ever go out on a Saturday night?

Why me?

I'm gonna be popping pills in the morning and crying at night 'till I die.

Does it sound like you?

Do you want to know how I finally broke free and understood that my illness actually saved me?

If you are ready to discover how your bod NEVER betrays you and is ALWAYS on your side, I've got you!

Keep on reading, because here I share my personal and intimate story of healing, how I had to be called out on my sh...🤬, how I had to be brave and stay where I was, how I thanked my body for becoming ill, and how I made my life better because of my struggle!

Ready to transform?

November is now open for booking:

You are one decision away form a better life!

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