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Elbows - Indecisiveness

Updated: Oct 7, 2021


  • Indecisiveness

  • Second-guessing one's decisions

  • Feeling obligated

  • Fear of changes

  • Lack of alignment between desires and actions

The elbow joint and surrounding tissue represent your ability to make decisions.

Supportive Affirmations:

I no longer have to prove my loyalty to old ideas. I can change my actions as I grow and heal. I am allowed to change my mind.

Whenever you have a lasting issue with elbows, ask yourself:

  • what out-of-date decisions form the past are hindering your growth?

  • how can you become more flexible and adaptable?

  • why do you have to prove your loyalty to old ideals and ideas?

  • why do you stick with people who no longer feel supportive?

  • why are you resisting the ever-changing flow of life?

  • how can you align your desires with your values?

Whenever there's physical pain, you know there is suppressed anger. What's underneath it?

  • Resentment because you feel everything depends on you?

  • Helplessness when faced with the pace of life's changes?

  • Powerlessness fueling lack of resourcefulness, that makes you resist change?

  • Injustice of having to let go of the old, but familiar past?

Essential Oils (EO), crystals, herbs that can support you:

  • For stubbornness: Wintergreen EO, Oregano, Black Locust Flower Essence, Dumortierite Crystal

  • To support adaptation: Amazonite Crystal, Chrysocolla Crystal, Cypress EO

  • For better decision making: Soaptree Yucca Flower Essence, Carnelian Crystal

💚Healing the psychosomatic root cause:

Ancestral values, womb and birth trauma, ongoing emotional conflicts, and limiting beliefs need to be addressed to heal the root of this condition.

I offer gentle, yet effective emotional trauma release sessions.

We can start resolving the emotional stress causing this symptom in about 60 minutes!

Book your session here.

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