Intuitive Body Attunement | Trauma Completion and Release

I strongly believe that the simpler the healing technique is, the better the results.

During this Intuitive Body Attunement, we will find and resolve the psychosomatic root causes of your ailment or problem. Your body wants to tell you exactly what you need in order effortlessly to release coping mechanisms that no longer serve you. 

This service is great for:

-discovering your subconscious blocks,

-disconnecting from challenging people,

-dissolving the fear of change,

-improving your money story,

-releasing anger,

-healing the psychosomatic root of physical ailments,

-releasing reoccurring dreams/nightmares,

-harmonizing relationships,

-rebalancing instinctual responses,

-improving the quality of your life,

-and so much more!

Are you ready to listen?

This signature session includes:

  • one 90-min healing session, 

  • a written summary of our appointment,

  • 7-days of remote support during integration,

  • and email follow-up after integration.

Investment: $200 USD for 8 days of support!

Watch the videos below to learn more about MAT Healing Process


Monika Dulian, FMCHC

A representative of the

Metaphysical Anatomy™ Technique

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