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Single MAT Sessions | Trauma Completion and Release

For anyone who would like to experience the amazing Metaphysical Anatomy™ Technique healing session with me, a single session is now available! You can satisfy your curiosity without committing to the whole program! I strongly believe that the simpler the healing technique is, the better the results. You can jump-start your healing today by booking this single session.

This one-time package includes 90-min healing session, 

a written summary of our appointment, support during

integration, and a one-week follow-up.


This service is great for:

-discovering your subconscious blocks,

-dissolving the fear of change,

-improving your money story,

-releasing anger,

-healing physical ailments,

-interpreting dreams,

-harmonizing relationships,

-and so much more!


Watch the videos below to learn more about MAT Healing Process

womb healing

Womb Healing Package


Womb stress and trauma are experienced by the fetus, but because the limbic system did not develop yet, it cannot be translated by the baby into emotions.  Most of the stress experienced by mom during the conception, pregnancy, and delivery feels to the fetus like a threat to its immediate safety.
Most of the associations and beliefs formed during developmental stages circle around the need for safety, the need to be nurtured, and the first understanding of boundaries.

This package of 3* sessions is designed to heal

your time in your mom's womb.

Each session is 40 minutes long.

Session 1 will focus on healing the womb and your

associations with safety,

your first irritations, and disturbances.

Session 2 will focus on healing your placenta,

your trust and boundaries.

Session 3 will focus on healing the umbilical cord,

your associations with

nourishment and receiving from Life.


During the womb healing I explore:

-The amniotic fluid tells us about our first irritations and disruptions in safety.

-The proteins in the placenta lining and the stress that's stored there can tell us a lot about our associations with being nurtured, with trust and boundaries as well.

-The umbilical cord also represents our associations with being nurtured as well as our associations and beliefs about our ability to receive from the Life Force. We also feel our first rejection through the umbilical cord.

-The circumstances and emotions that both parents felt during conception play a huge role in the overall health of the baby. Hostility and powerlessness are the major negative emotions we can feel if the conception happened during a stressful situation.

In addition to the above, it can be beneficial to explore other stresses during womb healing, such as:

-How did the mother feel when the sperm entered the egg? This can show up later in our life as invasion trauma, predispositions for sexual abuse, and our beliefs about our own sexuality.

-How the egg felt during implantation and if it was rejected by the mom's body.

This Package is a wonderful start to your healing journey as we will heal the beginning of your life here on Earth.

*Sessions can be combined or broken down, depending on your availability.


Single Crystal Healing Sessions | Remote Crystal Healing and Individualized, Guided Meditation

Using the healing energies of the Earth's minerals is an excellent mind-body modality that does not require much effort. All you need is your receptivity and willingness to receive healing. 
Crystals can help with many ailments such as problems with sleep, tiredness, emotional strain, headaches, back pain, and even grief. They provide positive upliftment for your whole being.

The unique piezoelectric quality of crystals allows them to be programmed with intention. Crystals are like little memory cells that emit their programming to the world. Because of the collective historical meaning we assigned to crystals, each type and kind of those gorgeous minerals vibrates at a certain frequency that corresponds to certain "feeling flavors" or emotional states. And because each physical ailment is caused by a negative emotional state, you can counteract that negative state by applying a crystal that vibrates at a rate corresponding to an opposite emotion. So if your headache is caused by invalidating yourself and making yourself wrong, you can alleviate that headache using Rose Quartz: a crystal of Unconditional Love. 

The intention of both you and your Crystal Healing Practitioner is the driving force of any Crystal Healing Session. Remote sessions are equally as effective as in-person visits.


As a Certified Crystal Healer, I now offer Remote Crystal Healing Sessions!

I will even provide and ship to you all the healing stones already programmed and ready to use by you in the comfort of your own home!


This service is great for:

-gentle stress relief and deep relaxation,

-balancing your energy centers, also known as chakras,

-improving your body's natural ability to heal,

-reducing resistance and allowing clarity to come through,

-connecting with your intuitive abilities,

-setting energetic boundaries,

-assisting physical healing.



Every session consists of 30 minutes of distant crystal healing

and a guided meditation designed specifically for you.

If you book a Crystal Healing Session with a set of crystals,

I will choose and program those 7 healing stones uniquely for you!



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